Concept & Design

Our passion is assisting people convert an idea, basic sketch, or even a working prototype to a more comprehensive, and detailed concept.

 This for us, is the fun part of any innovative project!  Most importantly, when you come to Idea 2 Reality, “your idea remains your idea” throughout the entire process.

Initially developing a sketch to ensure we fully understand the client’s vision, our team quickly move through the development cycle to create 3D concept models using the worlds leading software, Idea 2 Reality designs aim to ensure a design delivers both in terms of form and function. 

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.”

 – Dean Kamen

Gain two perspectives, not one

Idea 2 Reality’s heritage as a world class, high quality manufacturer continues to this very day and its this uniqueness that allows to differentiate ourselves from others within the industry.  This rich history allows us to consistently deliver functionally superior products that are not only beautifully crafted but also fit for purpose and cost effective to manufacture.

Benefits to our clients don’t stop there.  By engaging, and working with both individual investors, and industry giants on a daily basis; our team continue to garner vital exposure to world leading technologies, and materials science – all of which flow through to our approach to the final solution.

Scale your idea to mass-manufacture faster with our dedicated team

The option of using our in-house manufacturing capabilities will often allow us to both expedite the product development process and deliver ongoing mass production savings. With internationally accredited quality control processes in place and LEAN manufacturing methodologies adopted at all levels of our organisation you can be assured of getting your product to market faster without compromise. 

You will be in control throughout the entire process and will be required to sign off on the final concept before progressing to subsequent phases of the project.