Documentation & Production

Whether you’re using I2R’s in-house manufacturing capabilities, or tapping into our global supply chain network, moving from Concept and Design, Prototyping and Testing through to full scale production has never been easier!

Our ability to negotiate in all languages, coupled with our team’s awareness of business and cultural sensitives in multiple countries means we remain unmatched in terms of mass production, contract negotiations, and subsequent product delivery.

Planning your idea has never been easier

Being a world class manufacturer in our own right means Idea 2 Reality understands what level of detail is needed to produce a premium product including related manufacturing, testing, and quality control procedures.  Through the supply and management of high quality information, our clients get to enjoy hassle free output with minimal rejection rates.

Other areas in distribution we can facilitate, include:

  • Ongoing auditing programs;
  • Pre shipment quality control services;
  • Business valuation services;
  • Contract dispute resolution; and
  • Language and cultural assistance services