Prototype & Testing

I2R’s engineers have expertise spanning all facets of product development.

Developing design solutions that not only look good and perform well is what we do but we also ensure our prototypes comply with any relevant standards applicable.  This stops you wasting valuable time, money on developing a substandard, and potentially non-compliant end product.

Our experience in both engineering and prototype development, coupled with our in-house manufacturing capabilities consistently deliver in a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective fashion that is simply unmatched!

Now it’s time to turn your idea into a reality

We manufacture fully functional prototypes in order to provide a proof of concept

Prototyping is a key step in the engineering and design validation process, often promoting design refinements in response to anticipated or observed weaknesses, areas of deficiency or even in an attempt to improve performance outcomes.

However, Idea 2 Reality have created an effective regime for mitigating post prototyping modifications by employing the very latest in load simulation software and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to predict how a product reacts to anticipated loads and forces all of which, is accomplished before any physical testing even begins.

Furthermore, Idea 2 Reality uses its extensive CNC machining assets to offer a unique prototype “fast tracking” service as opposed to waiting on external service providers given this often delays projects from progressing efficiently.

Idea 2 Reality will make sure your concept stands the test of time!

A rigorous testing regime is developed and executed by our engineering team to ensure each product is fit for its commercial purposes.  By ensuring due diligence at the prototype and testing stages of development, we ensure our clients avoid often costly in field failures and potential brand damage as a consequence.