Research & Scoping

Idea 2 Reality will ask the hard questions to ensure you make sound and informed decisions regarding your project.

In terms of commercial innovation, the first step is to determine the current “State of Play” allowing all concerned establish a tangible development benchmark.  We do this by offering the following services:

  • Comprehensive “up to date” market research;
  • Project scoping including related technical and functional specifications;
  • Reviewing and critiquing your current commercialisation strategy; and
  • Clarifying your expectations with respect to project costs and timelines.

Whilst some consultants may be tempted to take shortcuts during this vital stage, our team nothing replaces a sound research and by assisting you through the various steps, we know the likelihood of reaching a successful project outcome is significantly improved.

Creative problem solving is part of the game!

Our team loves challenges and the resultant energy that comes from resolving problems and creating new innovative products! Whether you’re looking to develop a solution, commercialise a concept, sell a patentable design or even attract potential equity partners, Idea 2 Reality can assist by improving your market knowledge and state of preparedness by supplying key elements such as:

  • Sales and Marketing plans;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Investment strategies;
  • Risk analysis; and
  • Funding options.

Detailed scoping is a vital precursor to anything that follows, as it often determines the feasibility of an impending project regardless of whether it’s creating new product concepts or providing solutions to everyday problems.  Idea 2 Reality uses internationally recognised project methodologies to deliver real outcomes in a planned and meticulous fashion.